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Deep Tissue Massage

Introducing Michael Harrison’s CoreBalance 2

The Art of Release, Self-Connection and Presence Utilizing 2 Amazing Body Therapeutic Approaches:

  1. Bowen Touch Therapy and
  2. Deep Tissue Rebalancing Massage

You Experience Less Stress, Less Effort, Working Easier, More Effectively....
~ mindfully self-connecting; releasing back, neck, shoulder and stress-related pain.

Bowen Touch : Beyond Massage To Joy of Inner-Well-being.

Bowen Touch Hands-on Mindfulness-based Bodywork
Professional Training & Massage with Michael Harrison BS.ed, NCTMB

Bowen Touch ~ An Effective Preventive Approach To Release Muscle Pain And For Whole Bodymind Balancing

Deep Tissue Rebalancing Massage ~ A Gentle Structural Deeply Nurturing Approach Which Helps Re-align Posture and Compliments Bowen Touch.

The Five Essentials of Michael’s Core Balance Therapy :
Awareness, Acceptance, Appreciation, Empathy (compassion) and Action

Do you want to re-connect with energy, reduce your stress and see a positive change in the quality of your life? Core Balance Bowen Touch Therapy and Deep Tissue Rebalancing massage services are available in our Berkeley office and appointments are available right now, online!

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Or, if you’d prefer, we’re happy to travel to you. ~ Just add $30 to any rate listed and please email or call 510-525-1250 to schedule.

“I’m so grateful to have a treatment that addresses the mind as well as the body. Immediately, I experienced enormous relief from low back pain! And Michael also gave me some very effective exercises.” - Laurie Anderson, performance artist, vocalist